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Asset control


  • Press (button) – ordering, notification, alarm/ panic, remote control, wordwide outdoor coverage.
  • Track – Asset location traking for any movement or impacy (luggage, parcel, pallet).
  • Trace – tracing of real-time journey and impacts for a package. 
  • Guard – notification of any movement or bang (door, drawer, car, motorcycle, bike, house entry).
  • Turn over – monitor overturn of any object, control (garbage bin, container, road sign).
  • Maintain – ordening, notification, alarm/ panic, remote control, worldwide outdoor coverage.

Integrated solution for asset control, easy and affordable.


  • Movement detection.
  • Clicking button with haptic feedback.
  • Communication throught the Sigfox Wireless network.
  • None-replaceable, non-rechargeable, long-lasting batery.
  • Packaged in nice, small, waterproof case.