• nextgen iot •

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microprocessors for Iot
  • Multi-sensor IoT platforms based on RISC-V architecture.
  • Computation-intensive applications on the Edge.
  • High performance with competitive energy profiles.
  • Secure on-chip data protection and for transmission.
  • LPWAN communications for sensor networks.
gas sensing
  • Data analytics for gas sensors .
  • ML/DL for model development and integration.
  • Characterization of sensors to track multiple gases.
  • Applications for air quality, food status, industrial safety/quality, health.
  • In-home unobtrusive sensing of Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

• projects •


Non-invasive methodology for the diagnosis of leishmaniasis in dogs via the analysis of volatile breath samples, employing analytical methods and a system composed of different chemical gas sensing devices


Continuous and real-time monitoring of Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) produced by meat inside a refrigerator using gas sensors to be aware of its freshness and quality


Gas sensing enhanced with edge computing powered by a microprocessor based on a RISC-V architecture, and optimized for low energy consumption and high data security


Monitoring of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) of elders living alone at home, using gas sensors and applied AI to design identification algorithms through ML techniques

core one

Use of graphene sensor networks in Ambient Assisted Living environments to detect human activities, and integration into a monitoring system to feed AI and decision support algorithms


Design, development and validation of an innovative prototype of a graphene-related node for a wireless sensor network to be used as autonomous system for environmental monitoring on different areas