Digital health

Patient remote monitoring and smart environments to enhance Healthcare Assistance
NVISION Telecare


  • To assist elders, chronic or short-term patients
  • Remotely monitor patients’ daily activity
  • Detect anomalous situations
  • Trigger warnings and alarms to caregivers
  • Supply safety, comfort and wellbeing to patients
NVISION e-Health

Digital Health

  • Capture 24/7 vitals to complete medical records
  • Assist medical staff with remote supervision
  • Use of wearables and unobtrusive sensors
  • Foster early disease detection
  • Release sanitary and hospital workload

How we do it

Smart environments

Safety and security

  • When the person leaves home or returns
  • Real-time location of the person and time spent in a concrete location
  • Fire, smoke, flood
  • If other people access home


  • Notifications 24/7 about anomalous situations
  • Deviations against daily routines (habits)
  • Air quality (CO2, CO)
  • If the person wakes up and follows a normal pattern
  • If the person eats hot meals


  • Remote management and automation of heating and air conditioning
  • Control of blinds and curtains
  • Schedule automation routines for illumination
  • Energy consumption and savings

Smart monitoring​

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) monitorization

  • Monitor activities and habits of everyday life
  • Eating, sleeping, bathing, toileting, socialization
  • Deviations and trends related to mood and quality of life

Unobtrusive sensing

  • Use of unobtrusive and non-invasive technologies
  • Infrared, radio frequency, audio, gas sensors
  • Preserve daily habits and avoid user operation

Physiological sensors

  • Use of medical devices to track biomarkers
  • Assist medical staff with everyday information
  • Early symptoms detection for disease diagnosis

Our Platform

A platform to supply continuous and sustained care and improvement to patients when combined with adequate protocols and services

A platform that can be supplied as an interoperable middleware or as a complete bottom-up solution