NVISION performs research and development on Edge Computing and provide full stack System-On-Chip solutions for the next wave of groundbreaking algorithms

RISC-V Architectures

We customize the best architectures for specific applications

AI Accelerators

We develop AI accelerator chips that operate stand alone or integrated in an optimized RISC-V architecture

EDA Tools

We select, customize, and develop tools to map AI algorithms to RISC-V accelerators

Algorithm Optimization

We mathematically optimize algorithms at software level to implement the best hardware strategies

Quantum Computing

We work on toolsets and development kits that provide developers the capability to harness the power of Quantum Computing for accelerating code fragments without specific domain knowledge

Our team is composed of experts in Edge Computing, High-Performance Computation, Parallel Processing, Numerical Modelling, IC Design Flow, RISC-V, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Operating Systems, building solutions in applications such as Digital Health, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Industry 5.0, and Computer Vision