Reinventing high-power, high-frequency power converters for heavy-duty long-haul electric vehicles to obtain improved performance, safety, reliability, cost and sustainability
NVISION - Rhodas Project


  • Improve the efficiency of electric Integrated Motor Drive (IMD) powertrains (WBG-based power electronics; 1200VDC; 150 kW per axel) forheavy-duty long-haul vehicles
  • Improve efficiency and performance of power converters while increasing affordability of powertrains for heavy-duty EVs
  • Reduce size and weihgt of power converters
  • Digital technologies and sensors for advanced on-line monitoring and intelligent prediction of states based in advanced modelling and data analysis (Big Data, AI)
  • Effective integration of the power electronics and TMS in a modular and compact IMD to evaluate the overall performance in a complete e-axel test bench
  • Integration of ecodesign, material criticality and circularity considerations into the powertrain solution, as well as viable circular business models
  • Promote collaborative research and interaction between academia and industry throughout  the entire supply chain

Our Role

  • Project Management: Ensuring seamless coordination and execution of project activities to meet objectives and timelines.
  • Create IoT Platform Architecture, scalable and robust, enabling real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Develop Digital Twin of the powertrain components to simulate and optimize performance in virtual environments.
  • Develop AI & Decision Support System for IMD control, performance optimization, and health monitoring.


Funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement 101056896