SEEnergy is the IoT platform which allows real-time monitoring and management of energy assets, batteries, and related devices

It integrates advanced data analytics tools to deliver actionable insights and increase asset efficiency, while optimizing energy production and consumption with unparalleled precision

We offer a customizable, modular, and scalable solution with different features, depending on each use case, providing:


    • Capacity to connect and integrate different electrical components and devices
    • Battery modelling for accurate estimation of State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health(SoH)
    • Ai-based Energy Management Systems (EMS) to optimize energy consumption, storage, and generation
    • AI-based Fault Detection and Management in energy assets
    • Forecasting and optimization of energy consumption and generation

    Use cases 

    • Cloud- and Edge-based Battery Management Systems(BMS)
    • Renewables and Grid Energy Management
    • Electric Vehicles

    Through standardized communication protocols and data aggregation techniques, SEEnergy enables seamless integration and interoperability, allowing comprehensive monitoring and control functionalities.