A-IQ Ready

Cutting-edge quantum detection, innovative continuous orchestration of AI, and distributed collaborative intelligence technologies to implement the vision of intelligent and autonomous electronic components and systems in the digital realm
NVISION - A-IQ-Ready Project


Artificial Intelligence Using Quantum Measured Information for Realtime Distributed Systems at the Edge

The onset of climate change and widespread geopolitical conflicts and social inequalities showcase the need for innovation and change that require a better world. Now technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and other related technologies are making such a world all the more feasible.

The A-IQ Ready project aims to introduce and materialize an intelligent autonomous ECS fit for our digital age and utilise crucial technologies, like edge continuum orchestration for artificial intelligence, distributed collaborative intelligence and quantum sensing, which could prove revolutionary for most services and industries. These technologies and their combination will propel the transition to a Europe of Society 5.0.

Project Vision

A-IQ Ready addresses two major Trends: “Internet of Things (IoT) and “From Cloud to Edge”.

A-IQ Ready will apply three disruptive technologies: Quantum Sensor, Neuromorphic Acceleration, AI in Multi-Agent Systems to build the edge continuum as the digital backbone for Society 5.0



The A-IQ Ready project is supported by the Chips Joint Undertaking (Chips JU) – the Public-Private Partnership for research, development and innovation under Horizon Europe – and National Authorities under Grant Agreement No. 101096658.

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