DIGIBAT proposes a new battery management system combining the latest advances in sensor technology, connectivity, and modeling

The research focuses on managing and processing data collected from the battery to enhance its operation through advanced algorithms. The application of digital environments combined with artificial intelligence systems will provide much greater battery management capability than current systems.


The overall objective of the project lies in the creation of advanced digital tools (digital twins) for monitoring, characterization, and prediction of Lithium-based battery systems. By using modeling techniques, the digital twin will be able to estimate health status, identify aging processes to optimize performance during operation, and extend its lifespan for both stationary and electric mobility applications.

Our rol

NVISION leads the entire project and is primarily responsible for the sensorization system of the battery system and the design and development of an IoT platform (datASSIST) and a digital twin to manage lithium-based battery systems.




Generalitat de Catalunya, Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa (ACCIÓ)