Research on new photovoltaic technologies, energy storage, and energy management for distributed generation under the paradigm of energy communities.

Aiming to establish knowledge foundations and develop disruptive technological capabilities using advanced algorithms, to evolve towards a more digitized, efficient, affordable, and sustainable renewable energy generation.


The main objective is to develop disruptive technological capabilities within the framework of energy communities through: (1) the development of innovative solutions for intelligent and optimized management, demand flexibility, and support for the safe operation of the electrical system; (2) research on innovative, flexible, and efficient storage technologies; and (3) improvement in the use of available surfaces through photovoltaics integrated into buildings.

Our Role

NVISION is responsible for the research in modeling and characterization of new flow battery technologies with low dependence on critical materials. Additionally, it will be responsible for generating digital twins for these batteries, contributing to the development of advanced models and the optimization of their performance.


Funding for the Center for Industrial Technological Development E.P.E. (CDTI) and Spanish Goverments and European Union within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.